Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Aviva Chomsky - How immigration became illegal

 This is the video clip is a liberal introduction to the issues surrounding immigration in our country.  Note that Chomsky links the 14th Amendment to the creation of the idea of illegal immigration.  Open immigration was the first US immigration policy, once immigration became regulated with legal and illegal avenues, previously eligible immigrants were denied entrance to the US.  Then, in phase two, the category of legal immigration morphed over time, excluding the Chinese (1882) while leaving the Mexican border open to immigration, to restricting undesirable southern and eastern European immigrants (1924) and then to regulating Mexican immigration specifically (1965). Given these shifting patterns, should undocumented immigration be viewed as criminal?  Is there an ethical standard that should be applied to immigration policy and the decisions we make as a country about who can enter and who can become eligible for citizenship?  Please leave your thoughts in a comment below.  Remember, be respectful.