Tuesday, February 7, 2017




1. DUE WEDNESDAY: The second page of your position paper organizer as well as the completed Pro/Con chart. Please continue to work on your research for our position paper on President Trump's executive order on immigration. I have created a page on the right of the blog which has links to the articles we are using as well as a link to the position paper organization chart.  On page 2 of the position paper organization chart, you will need to complete the process of defining your position on the executive order, assembling the specific quotes, data and ideas that you will be using from your sources to support your position and then grouping your evidence into three main arguments. These arguments should comprise the "three prongs" of your thesis statement. 

2. DUE WEDNESDAY:  One comment posted to the blog on one of the additional visual and audio sources. Browse the additional visual and audio sources I have compiled on the topic of refugees and immigration and included in the posts feed of the blog.  For those constructing an ethical argument against the executive order (CON) I highly recommend The Weeds podcast with Dara Lind - take special note of the last 2 minutes AND David Rothkof's defense of international humanitarianism on the ER Podcast.  Fort those constructing an ethical argument in favor of the executive order (PRO), I would watch Tomi Lahren's America First video. 

Audio and Visual Material about President Trump's Executive Order on Immgiration

Nicholas Kristof:  Mr. Trump, Meet My Family

Tomi Lahren: America First

Which Image Should Represent the Future of U.S. Immigration Policy?

Image result for images of border wall and statue of liberty

Image result for images muslim american families at airport

Image result for images of border wall and statue of liberty

Foreign Policy - The ER - David Rothkopf on Membership in a Global Community (Listen to 17:15-17:55)

Image result for foreign policy magazine graphic on syria

The Weeds Podcast - Don't Call it a Muslim Ban (Final 2:00 minutes superb)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Aviva Chomsky - How immigration became illegal

 This is the video clip is a liberal introduction to the issues surrounding immigration in our country.  Note that Chomsky links the 14th Amendment to the creation of the idea of illegal immigration.  Open immigration was the first US immigration policy, once immigration became regulated with legal and illegal avenues, previously eligible immigrants were denied entrance to the US.  Then, in phase two, the category of legal immigration morphed over time, excluding the Chinese (1882) while leaving the Mexican border open to immigration, to restricting undesirable southern and eastern European immigrants (1924) and then to regulating Mexican immigration specifically (1965). Given these shifting patterns, should undocumented immigration be viewed as criminal?  Is there an ethical standard that should be applied to immigration policy and the decisions we make as a country about who can enter and who can become eligible for citizenship?  Please leave your thoughts in a comment below.  Remember, be respectful.