Thursday, January 10, 2019

Define American : The Immigrant Experience

Using the website linked below, make a mini-poster that introduces the class to a New American. Include a picture of your immigrant, a brief description of your immigrants culture and a summary of their immigrant story. Tell through your poster - who this New American is, what their experiences have been like.


1) Choose a New American to study from the New Americans Website
2) Write up a short summary of your immigrant's experience. Why did they come here? What has life been like for them?
3)Investigate and represent visually TWO key elements of your immigrant's culture from the "Cultural Riches" tab. You have the choice of Art, Music, Food, and Language.
4) Include a picture of your immigrant on your poster.

New Americans Website

Friday, December 21, 2018


For your Blizzard Bag today:
1.Please finish watching the Freedom Riders documentary we started in class yesterday as an introduction to our next unit on citizenship. You should write down 8 important or interesting facts you learned, plus create two questions for our in class discussion when we return.
Freedom Riders Documentary

2. Continue working on our Unit Test Study Guide. Remember that our unit test will be the Thursday after we get back from break, AND, in order to be able to use your study guide on the test you must have it fully completed. We will review for the test the Wednesday we get back.
Study Guide

Sunday, November 25, 2018



For your assignment please complete the following activities:
1. Finish the Map Activity handed out in class yesterday. If you need extra copies of any parts of the assignment, you can find them HERE.
2. Please watch the excerpt from the film Electoral Dysfunction. Write down 10 important facts you learned about the electoral college AND come into class with 2 questions you have based on the film and what you have learned about the Electoral College.

LINK to video: Electoral Dysfunction

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Second Amendment Project

Image result for images of second amendment


Our performance task for the Legislative Branch Unit, involves students researching and becoming better informed on the central issues involved in the protection and regulation of the Second Amendment. Acting as a member of the US House of Representatives OR Senate, students will draft an original piece of legislation that solves a problem related to gun rights. Below is a check list of required steps in the legislative process.

Second Amendment BILL CHECKLIST:
A. The Bill
Step 1 - Define the problem your bill will solve
Step 2 - Brainstorm a list of the resources and personnel necessary to   
execute your idea as well as more information you will need to know. Ex: will it cost money? How much? Who will implement this plan? How will they implement it? Will there be any penalties for failing to comply with this law? What should they be?

Now use your brainstorm list to generate research questions (#2)
Identify two high quality articles.(#3)
Summarize articles. (#3)
Create an MLA Works Cited page as you go (#4)
GO! Now you are ready to begin writing your bill

Step 3 - Draft a Bill that follows the Model Congress sample bill and Guidelines

B. RESEARCH QUESTIONS: Now that you have a general idea of your topic and bill, formulate key research questions to guide your next search. Which part of this bill do you need to know more about? What kind of legislation already exists for this specific topic? Write down your research questions on a document to me turned in with your project.  Each group member is responsible for finding TWO high quality articles related to their research questions.

C. SUMMARY: Each group member needs to write TWO article summaries or abstracts for the articles they selected. Each article summary should be a minimum of one page typed, double spaced with the title of the article and source included

D. MLA Works Cited: Include a Works Cited page with full citations for all research articles.

This is a great resource with an entire unit on "Guns and the Second Amendment" as well as a Monthly Policy Discussion brief on some executive actions that the Obama Admninstration has taken on gun control. There a video clips here as well as print sources. You will need a Username (studentkrhs) and code (EP37) to access the resources.

Opposing Viewpoints
This database is located on the KRHS library website. It has resources available under the search term "gun control".
The link below has our background reading as well as a nice overview of key arguments both for and against gun regulation.
Background information on gun control issues

Union Leader
Below is a link to an article about the conflict between the federal Gun Free School Zone Act and local state laws that allow concealed and open carry at polling places that are located in schools.
Open Carry at Polling Places in Schools in NH

American Government CTP

Research Question Development
Clearly identifies the problem by asking thoughtful, highly creative, well-worded and insightful questions based on new and prior knowledge.
Adequately identifies a problem by asking meaningful questions based on new and some prior knowledge.
Can, with limited assistance, identify a problem and develop questions based on new information.

Needs significant assistance to identify the problem and in the development of questions.
Research Summaries
(Individual Grade)
Summaries expertly balance detail and generalities in two high quality article selections.
Summary accurately covers general points from two article selections.
Summary is overly general or incomplete. Less than two articles/group member included
Summary missing or incomplete.
Second Amendment research
Highly effective selection and use of resources. Skilled application of MLA formatting.
Careful selection and use of resources.
Appropriate application of MLA formatting.
Narrow selection and simplistic use of resources. Sporadic and/or inconsistent application of MLA formatting.
Poor selection and misguided/limited use of resources. Little to no effort in the application of MLA formatting.
Students have developed a multifaceted and clear proposal for gun regulation. All students can independently explain their plan.
Students have developed a clear proposal for gun regulation. All students can independently explain their plan.
Students have developed a basic proposal on gun regulation.. All students can independently explain most of their plan.
Student proposal on gun regulation lacks clarity and organization AND/OR students in the group cannot explain their plan.
Formatting of Bill
Bill follows all of the elements outlined by the Model Congress requirement sheet.
Bill follows most of the elements outlined by the Model Congress requirement sheet.
Bill follows some of the elements outlined by the Model Congress requirement sheet.
Bill follows few of the elements outlined by the Model Congress requirement sheet.

Monday, October 8, 2018

CER Paragraph - 19th Amendment

Do we need to elect a female president in order to fulfill the promise of the 19th Amendment? 

CER Paragraph Rubric LINK