Monday, June 11, 2018

Define American - Due in class 6/12

DUE TOMORROW IN CLASS. We will have approximately 15 minutes in class to finish up. 
Using the website linked below, make a mini-poster that introduces the class to a New American. Include a picture of your immigrant, a brief description of your immigrants culture and a summary of their immigrant story. Tell through your poster - who this New American is, what their experiences have been like.


1) Choose a New American to study from the New Americans Website
2) Write up a short summary of your immigrant's experience. Why did they come here? What has life been like for them?
3)Investigate and represent visually TWO key elements of your immigrant's culture from the "Cultural Riches" tab. You have the choice of Art, Music, Food, and Language.
4) Include a picture of your immigrant on your poster.

New Americans Website

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